Lapland Restaurant Kotahovi in Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi

Lapland Restaurant Kotahovi was opened in Santa Claus Village, Rovaniemi, in 2015. The restaurant and the nearby Santa Claus Reindeer resort are owned by a local family of Körkkö, known to have herded reindeer since the 19th century.

Restaurant Kotahovi’s unique design represents a traditional Lappish hut, which also gives the restaurant its Finnish name ‘Kotahovi’. Lapland Restaurant Kotahovi wants to offer each visitor a possibility to taste delicious, traditional Lappish and Finnish cuisine in a enchanting milieu. Just like in a traditional Lappish hut, also Restaurant Kotahovi has an idyllic open fire in the middle, surrounded by 50 customer places.

The restaurant’s unique atmosphere is created not only with the traditional design and local, handmade interior decoration, but also with the beautiful outdoor views. Lapland Restaurant Kotahovi offers delicious three course menus with main ingredients such as reindeer, salmon, local mushrooms, berries and herbs.

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Lapland Restaurant Kotahovi
Joulumaantie 13
Santa Claus Village
96930 Napapiiri Arctic Circle

Tel: +358 40 8340 900